Monday, July 03, 2006

best part of Universal's new show Posted by Picasa

Men in Black at night Posted by Picasa

no this isn't at MGM Posted by Picasa

memory lane Posted by Picasa

they already abandoned the studio, what happens when the whole park closes? the children of 1992 were cheated. Posted by Picasa

our childhood has deserted us... Posted by Picasa

this sign lies, they're not filming Posted by Picasa

abandoned bench at Universal Studios Posted by Picasa

dining location that sells the real thing... when it's actually open Posted by Picasa

sneetches in the water Posted by Picasa

a sneetch fell down in the sand Posted by Picasa

sneetch beach Posted by Picasa

seuss island Posted by Picasa

twisted trees at seuss island Posted by Picasa

sunset at Universal Islands of Adventure Posted by Picasa

statues on seuss island Posted by Picasa

covering of the queue to the sneetch ride Posted by Picasa

sign at the new sneetch ride Posted by Picasa

one of my former sites for studio Posted by Picasa

Monticello Posted by Picasa

globes for the new Universal nighttime show Posted by Picasa